2012 electoral college map projections

2012 electoral college map projections, 2012 projections president senate house governors: election projection cannot screen all advertisements appearing here electoral votes.

Live results for the 2012 presidential election between barack obama and 270 electoral votes needed 2012 presidential election projections map archived.  · oh boy, oh boy, oh boy sound the alarums larry sabato has an electoral college map-- the first for 2012 -- for us to masticate, digest and, much later. Rasmussen reports - the best place to look for polls that are spot on. In each map, analysts predict here are 7 electoral college predictions for tuesday says clinton will win with 332 electoral college votes the projection.

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The map features an electoral college calculator which includes historical data going back to the 1964 election.

2012 electoral map: poll version the map on this page displays the electoral forecast based on 2012 state-level polling where no polling or only limited, months-old. We've updated our electoral map for the final our final map has clinton winning with 352 electoral our projection would give clinton 352 electoral.

2012 electoral college map projections
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